Sunday, January 20, 2008

This, that and the other

Happy New Year to everyone!!!! I know its rather belated but since this is my first post this year...Happy Nu Yr to all of you. I am assuming by this time most of you would have broken your new year resolutions already. If not, Bravo!!!

I have actually had to sit back and wonder what I am going to write about and in keeping with my randomness, I shall jot down a few more vague ideas floating around in my head.

New year's eve saw me having a quiet celebration with some friends on someone's terrace. Nice quiet evening, lots to eat and drink, good music, a bed all to myself and Ogden Nash!!!!!!!!

Here's a prime example of his literary genuis:

A little talcum;
is always walcum."

Here's another one:

"candy is dandy;
but liquor is quicker."

and my favourite,

"Behold the duck;
it does not cluck.
a cluck it lacks;
it quacks."

Do you see it??? Wasn't the man absolutely stunning? I first came across Nash's work back in school when I read the poem "This is going to hurt just a lil bit." Made me hate dentists with a passion but also adore his poetry with equal fervor. Reading Nash on new year's eve was bliss. If you have the time, please lay your hands on this book called "Candy is Dandy" and check out his work. One of his more memorable works is "The Common Cold".

Then a few days ago I reread some of Sahir Ludhianvi's work. The song "Chalo ek baar phir se, ajnabi ban jayein hum dono" is unbelievably romantic. heard a few more songs by him like "abhi na jao chord kar ke dil abhi bhara nahin" and all his work in Pyaasa and Kabhi Kabhi. This of course was back in the good old days when Kabhi Kabhi was spelt like K-A-B-H-I and not Kabhie Kabhie. sigh!!!!! mush!!!!

Umm...what else.....well i managed to get completely sozzled at an office party and throw up. Mercifully it was in the confines of the ladies room and not in public view but i dont think too many people missed out on the fact that i was conspicuously absent. grief!!!! I am such a duck!!!

the new year heralds tonnes of tough decisions and lots of work!!! Am not looking forward to one of those things..and I love my work!!!!! Sigh!!!! Am depressed now.

really scared too!!


utopia said...

you and your fascination or should i say obsession with nash's work. i remember how kept babbling his so called poetry the other day just like a hmmmmmmmm yeah the way that looney duck keeps quacking heheh!

JohnBrady said...

I appreciate your passion for Ogden Nash and I've noted your post @ Blogden Nashbr/>
Cheers and Good Luck!


She said...

@Utopia: Woman, dont mock his poetry. try reading some of his works and I assure you, you'll fall in love. might not be as serious as Plath, but simple, hilarious and very very subtle.

@John: Thank you so much for noting my post. I quite like "Blogden Nash" and laud your cause. I agree with you entirely when you say that the world needs Nash's poetry.

Standbymind said...

Like nash's work a lot man!!

Great blog u gat in here

and ya
A happy new year to u...
dont be scared;) lol

She said...

@standbymind: Thanks for the encouragement. Saw your blog too, rather fascinating.